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Abstrak - ABSTRACT Saeful Human, NIM 20200011110. Islamic Education (PAI) Teacher Creativity In MaterialCorpses Burial With Problem Based Learning (PBL) Methods At Batang Regency Vocational Schools (SMK), Semarang: Islamic Education Graduate Program Of UNWAHAS 2022. Keywords: Islamic Education Teacher Creativity, Material Corpses Burial. Learning Must Pay Attention To The Creativity And Needs Of Islamic Education Teachers, As Both Are The Cause Of Attention In Order For Islamic Education Teachers To Be Serious About Learning. As A Result, In Order To Increase The Islamic Education Teachers Creativity, Attention Must Be Paid To The Profile And Process Of Islamic Education Teacher Creativity In Class XI, As Well As Its Implications In Problem Solving Of Materializing The Subject Matter For Class XI In Problem Based Learning (PBL). The Goal Of This Study Is To Describe And Analyze The Profile And Process Of Islamic Education Teacher Creativity, As Well As To Investigate The Implications Of Problem Solving In Learning Materials For Class XI That Is Corpses Burial In Problem Based Learning (PBL). In Practice, This Study Uses Interviews, Observations, And Tests, While Data Analysis Techniques Use Data Reduction, Data Presentation, And Verification, And To Test The Validity Of The Data, Data Credibility, Data Transferability, Data Dependability, Verification Techniques And Data Confirmability. The Study's Findings Are As Follows: 1) The Effectiveness Of Problem Based Learning (PBL) In Improving The Creativity Of Islamic Education Teachers In Problem Solving, Which Is Very Effective Due To Several Indicators, Including: Islamic Education Teacher Orientation To Problems; Organizing Islamic Education Teachers To Study; Guiding Experiences Independently Or In Groups; Developing And Presenting Work Results; And Analyzing And Evaluating The Problem Solving Process. 2) The Problems Encountered And Solutions Found In Increasing The Creativity Of Islamic Education Teachers In Learning Materials On Corpses Burial With The Problem Based Learning (PBL) Method At Batang Regency Vocational School Differ In Various Ways. 3) Class XI Islamic Education Teachers' Creativity In Solving Problems With Class XI Corpses Burial Studying Materials Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) In Batang Regency Vocational School Such As: When Teaching Students About Corpses Burial, Such As Through Lectures, Videos, And Practice; When Students Do Not Know Or Do Not Understand What Has Been Explained About The Material For Corpses Burial, The Teacher Will Repeat The Material That Their Students Do Not Understand And Discuss It With Their Peers. When Students Are Having Difficulty Practicing Corpses Burial, The Teacher Will Repeat And Allow Students To Ask Questions And Other Students To Answer Before Concluding.
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